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What rehabilitation Services are offered?

Our licensed multi disciplinary rehabilitation "team" is comprised of licensed physical, Respiratory Therapies & speech therapists, in addition to nurses, dietician, physicians and social workers, our entire staff works closely together to provide seamless, innovative treatment in a friendly and enjoyable environment patients participate in individualised therapy sessions up to seven days a week with our diverse therapy personnel staff.

Who can benefit from rehabilitation service?

Individuals who are medically stable to leave the hospital, but who require further skilled services and monitoring in order to return home safety. Individuals recovering from a variety of conditions and disorders such as:

Orthopaedic Conditions:-

Total joint replacement, bone fractures, sprains, arthritis and spinal injury.

Neurological Conditions:-

Stroke, Traumatic Brain Injury, Spinal Cord Injury, MS, Parkinson ’s disease, Guillan Barre.

General Medical Condition:-

COPD, Heart Failure, Heart Attack, Kidney Disease, Skin Disorders, Wound Treatment, Infections, Burns.

Therapies Include

Physical Therapy - Restore, maintain & promote optimal physical function and quality of life. Prevent the onset, symptoms & progression o impairments, functional limitation & disabilities that may result from diseases, disorders, conditions or injuries.

Occupational Therapy - Assist by individuals in restoring physical and cognitive ability through participation and engagement in everyday activities.

Speech/Swallowing Therapy - We Evaluate and treat your communication disorders to improve speech, language & cognition. Asses swallowing ability customize dies plan & optimize swallowing function.

IV Therapy Accommodates patients are requiring intravenous feeding or antibiotic therapy.