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COPD Clinic:

What is COPD?

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease is similar to asthma causing similar symptoms. It usually leads to a chronic progressive narrowing of the wind pipes in the lungs. It manifest as a simple frequent cough to debilitating progressive breathlessness. If not diagnosed early it can lead to heart failure and body swelling. As disease progresses they get more and more breathlessness needing long term oxygen therapy at home. They are more prone to infections like pneumonia and swine flu(H1N1). It can be easily diagnosed by a simple lung function testing called Spirometry. Spirometry (PFT-Pulmonary Function Testing) is also can be used to differentiate Asthma from COPD and helps in treatment of this disabling disease. Both Asthma and COPD patients need to be vaccinated for Flu and pneumonia.

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What is COPD

Living Well With COPD